Our finish carpenters have been working for Kitchen Options for a combined 45 years. The newest carpenter started with us in 2009. Any carpenter that did not do quality work was replaced many years ago.

Our doors and draw fronts are custom made by Decorative Specialties and Northern Contours in the United States. Our competition has their doors made in a foreign country. Our drawers are 5/8” rock maple with dovetail corners and are made in Pennsylvania. Some competitors use plywood and make their drawers in-house. We use Amerock knobs and top quality soft-close hinges and drawer glides.

When we give you a price, that price is firm no matter what we might find during construction. The only reason a price changes is if the customer adds or subtracts from their original contract. If they do make a change, that change is in writing signed by the customer.

If we have an appointment with you – we will be exactly on time. We give you an install date, mutually agreed upon, before you sign the contract. Bad weather aside, we will be at your home on precisely the install date you choose. All jobs start on Mondays and all jobs are completed by the end of the week.

With thousands of kitchens refaced by Kitchen Options, we have a .998% approval. 2197 customers with 100% satisfaction and only 3 complaints. Customer Satisfaction is top priority. We pride ourselves in communication with all of our customers.

  • How much will my kitchen cost?

    There are so many choices between cabinet designs/colors, counter options, hardware, etc it is impossible to give a price without coming to your home. Our motto is “Your kitchen is our showroom.” We will measure your kitchen and you will select the design and color of your cabinets and then make a choice between granite, quartz and laminate for your new counter. Then, when the choices are made and the kitchen is measured we will give you what we call “an exact price.”

    40% of our customers are satisfied with their existing counter and just want their cabinets refaced.

  • How do I pay for my kitchen?

    You will give us a 1/3 deposit upon signing the Contract. A date will be chosen to install the kitchen and on that install date you will pay 50% of the contract. When the project is complete and you are happy you will pay the balance. We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash. EnerBANK will also finance the entire project or any part of it.

  • Where are you located?

    Our full name is Kitchen Options Inc. of New England. We have satellite offices in Somers Connecticut and Warwick, Rhode Island, but our main headquarters is in a little town in Central Massachusetts: Oxford. We were located in Natick and then Hopkinton, but as the business grew the cost of office and warehouse space became very expensive. We opened our office in Oxford where the warehouse space is very reasonable – and it dosen’t hurt that we are dead center in New England.

  • Do you have representatives throughout New England?

    Our carpenters live in Salem, NH; Saugus, Medway, West Boylston, Worcester and Charlton, Massachusetts; Warwick, North Providence and Coventry, Rhode Island. Our architectural artists live in Springfield, Massachusetts and Somers, Connecticut. Our sales representatives live in Uxbridge, Oxford, Springfield, Brockton, Allston, Chelmsford and Danvers, Massachusetts; Thompson, Connecticut and North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

  • What areas of New England do you service?

    All of Massachusetts, including the all of Cape Cod, but we do not go beyond 15 miles west of Rte 91 in Western Massachusetts. All of Connecticut east of Route 91 and all of Route 95 from the Connecticut River to the Rhode Island border. All of Rhode Island. We cover Southern New Hampshire to just after Manchester and from there to Portsmouth to the east and Keene to the west.

  • How long will a kitchen take to install?

    All kitchens, no matter the size, start on Monday and we are completed by no later than Friday. (Smaller kitchens or kitchens that already have a counter take a shorter time.) We cleanup every evening so you can use your kitchen at night, but not during the day.

  • Are you insured?

    We have a $1,000,000 Liability policy, but if a project calls for more coverage we can call our agent and receive a rider for additional dollars for that project. We are also EPA Certified.

  • Should I buy a laminate, granite or quartz counter?

    The question we always ask is, “How long do you plan on living in this house?” If the answer is “3 to 5 years,” which is a short time, we highly recommend buying a Wilsonart Laminate counter. First, you will receive your investment back when you sell the house and second – the laminates today are spectacular compared to just 10 years ago. The cost of a laminate counter is considerably less expensive than the least expensive stone. Look at the laminate samples first and then if you are not satisfied we will bring in stone.


    Granite comes in 5 grades: A thru E, with A being the least expensive. The grade has nothing to do with quality. The difference in the 5 grades is availability (rare or common) and beauty. The uniqueness combined with its availability will cost you the price of a D or E. We have seen A’s go for as little as $35 psf and E’s go for as much as $115 psf. Sealing is recommended every July 4th and New Years (examples). It takes very little time and about $30 for a bottle that will last you 3 or 4 years. Just follow the instructions on the bottle.

    Note: Other countertop manufacturers want to scare you away from granite saying that they stain easily and granite produces radon. Granite does not stain easily and spring water has more radon than granite.


    Expensive. Lacks the uniqueness of granite. Man-made in America. Stain resistant. Different manufactures have different samples, but quality is the same in all. The most expensive by far is Cambria. There are other manufactures that have a line of quartz and they are considerably less expensive than Cambria. That said, Cambria is the most spectacular.

    Note: There is an old wise tale that says you can cut on granite and quartz. Wrong. The same wise tale will tell you that you can put hot items, like a tea kettle, on stone. That is true, BUT if you habitually, every morning, put that tea kettle on the same spot and you do it for 4 or 5 years, that spot will eventually breakdown and discolor. This is true for quartz, granite or any hard surface.

    FYI: We do not offer a “poured surface” counter such as Corian. Corian, for example, is fine for bathrooms where water, shampoo and toothpaste are the only substances that could stain. Kitchens, on the other hand, where knifes, sauces and red wine are being used can damage poured surfaces. Also, which is the main reason we do not offer Corian or any other poured surface, if the Corian sink is exposed to direct sunlight the sink will discolor and crack. (Google: “Corian cracked”)

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