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Your kitchen countertop may be the first feature of your kitchen that your guests will notice, and can enhance its overall beauty. Selecting the right material is vital to the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. You want a countertop that will enhance the look of your kitchen, but also be durable enough to survive every day use. Kitchen Options of New England offers a wide variety of materials for you to select for any new kitchen design that meets your style and budget.

Laminate Countertops
Budget-friendly surface available in an array of colors and patterns. Easy-to-clean and resists stains, heat, and impact. “This isn’t your Grandmother’s counter”.

Granite Countertops
Offers timeless appeal and durability. Available in many colors and patterns featuring unique, natural characteristics from around the world.

Quartz Countertops
One of the worlds hardest surfaces. Available in limitless colors and patterns. Withstands spills, heat, scratches, and more.


Kitchen Options of New England has been offering New England home owners a choice between kitchen cabinet refacing and replacement. We provide homeowners a better, more affordable alternative to traditional kitchen remodeling to effectively and efficiently make old kitchens new again.

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  • Should I buy laminate?

    The question we always ask is, “How long do you plan on living in this house?” If the answer is “3 to 5 years,” which is a short time, we highly recommend buying a Wilsonart Laminate counter. First, you will receive your investment back when you sell the house and second – the laminates today are spectacular compared to just 10 years ago. The cost of a laminate counter is considerably less expensive than the least expensive stone. Look at the laminate samples first and then if you are not satisfied we will bring in stone.

  • Should I buy granite?

    Granite comes in 5 grades: A thru E, with A being the least expensive. The grade has nothing to do with quality. The difference in the 5 grades is availability (rare or common) and beauty. The uniqueness combined with its availability will cost you the price of a D or E. We have seen A’s go for as little as $35 psf and E’s go for as much as $115 psf. Sealing is recommended every July 4th and New Years (examples). It takes very little time and about $30 for a bottle that will last you 3 or 4 years. Just follow the instructions on the bottle.

    Note: Other countertop manufacturers want to scare you away from granite saying that they stain easily and granite produces radon. Granite does not stain easily and spring water has more radon than granite.

  • Should I buy quartz?

    Expensive. Lacks the uniqueness of granite. Man-made in America. Stain resistant. Different manufactures have different samples, but quality is the same in all. The most expensive by far is Cambria. There are other manufactures that have a line of quartz and they are considerably less expensive than Cambria. That said, Cambria is the most spectacular.

    Note: There is an old wise tale that says you can cut on granite and quartz. Wrong. The same wise tale will tell you that you can put hot items, like a tea kettle, on stone. That is true, BUT if you habitually, every morning, put that tea kettle on the same spot and you do it for 4 or 5 years, that spot will eventually breakdown and discolor. This is true for quartz, granite or any hard surface.

  • FYI

    We do not offer a “poured surface” counter such as Corian. Corian, for example, is fine for bathrooms where water, shampoo and toothpaste are the only substances that could stain. Kitchens, on the other hand, where knifes, sauces and red wine are being used can damage poured surfaces. Also, which is the main reason we do not offer Corian or any other poured surface, if the Corian sink is exposed to direct sunlight the sink will discolor and crack. (Google: “Corian cracked”)

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