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The kitchen sink is one of the busiest spots in the kitchen — it’s used for everything from food prep and cleanup to food disposal. Because it wears multiple hats, you need to invest in a kitchen sink that will stand the test of time. Kitchen Options of New England has something to accommodate even the pickiest home chef.


Kitchen Options of New England has been offering New England home owners a choice between kitchen cabinet refacing and replacement. We provide homeowners a better, more affordable alternative to traditional kitchen remodeling to effectively and efficiently make old kitchens new again.

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  • What size kitchen sink should I choose?

    The sink base cabinet will determine the size of the sink that you can put into that cabinet. Do not be concerned about the depth changing the plumbing underneath the sink. Kitchen Options can change the plumbing, along with garbage disposals to fit the specifications dictated by the sink that you choose. There are different gages of sinks. The lower the number, the thicker the gauge. 16 gauge is the best and the most expensive. 18 gauge is the most common for undermount sinks, but you can upgrade to 16 gauge. 20 gauge sinks are usually for drop-in sinks used in laminate counters.

  • What is a farmhouse sink? (farmer's sink)

    A farmhouse sink, also known as an apron sink, farm sink or apron front sink, is a large, deep model with an exposed front that juts out past the kitchen counters and cabinets. Although these kinds of sinks are commonly found in country-style kitchens, they come in a wide variety of materials and can therefore complement your style.

    Please note: If you plan on refacing your kitchen then the entire sink base along with all of the plumbing will have to be removed and a new sink base will need to be built and new plumbing will need to be installed.

    Note from Ray: “Many customers are not satisfied with farmer’s sinks that are made with soapstone. They claim that they discolor and stain easily.”

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